Mr. Hossein Bourji


Dr. Ali Ashour


Dr. Nour Y. Awada

Vice President (Academics)

Robert J. Braga


Mr. Zahid Jan

Consultant en affaires

Dr. Abduallah Y. Aldrssi

Board Member

Dr. Hubert Rampersad

Academic Dean

Prof. Hillary Lafarge

Associate Dean

Prof. Sara Jaffe

Associate Dean

Dr. Emma Reed

Associate Dean

Prof. Dr. Luca Sportelli

Associate Dean

Dr. Fatima Ashour

Head of Institution

Dr. Bill Chua

Head of Institution

Mr. Kyaw Min Tun

Head of Institution

Dr. Khine Khin Phyu

Head of Institution

Dr.Than Zaw

Head of Institution

Mr. James A. Gwa

Head of Institution

Datin Iris Tan

Head of Institution

Dr. Yu Yu Myint

Head of Institution

Mr. Nyan Lin Soe

Head of Institution

Eminent Faculty Members
Dr. Yousef Al Safadi
Dr. Ahmad Al Sharkawi
Prof. Micheal Bill
Ms. Oula Alkhatib
Dr. Suzan Kally
Mr. Rashad Alqutaina
Dr. Robert Davis
Mr. Obaida Al Qamha
Prof. Jean Bernaud
Mr. Moayad Al Zoughbi
Prof. Alexander Ceur
Mr. Kamel Shabaan
Prof. Christopher
Dr. Ellie Hakim (Arch)
Dr. Sara Russell
Ms. Lena Hakim
Dr. Ameen Talib
Mr. James Gwa
Mr. Mohmmad Ghanoum (Arch)
Mrs. Saw Esther
Eng. Hasouna
Mr. Thant Lwin Oo
Mr. Mohmmad Bashir
Mr. Si We Dwe
Visiting Faculty

Our faculty is committed to maintaining the best on-campus and online learning environment by delivering quality education. Our classrooms are entirely managed by our faculty from creating course content to preparing exams. The faculty also promotes a better learning culture within the classrooms so that the students can properly develop their skills. The faculty is mainly responsible for developing and improving the program's curriculums. As our faculty members are professionals, having rich knowledge of the trends existing in the market related to their field they could easily update their curriculums accordingly.

Permanent Faculty

European Global School has a team of 321 permanent faculty members who are continuously looking forward towards the betterment of processes and curriculum. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Classroom organization
  2. Education management and curricula design
  3. Management of class assessments and assignments
  4. Designing course content
  5. Providing students with recommendation letters for better job placements
  6. Assisting students through online communication
Associated Faculty

Faculty members, from across the globe affiliates of European Global School come under this category. They, being associated to education and learning, are very useful resource dedicated towards betterment of education.

Auxiliary Faculty & Honorary Doctorate

Welcome to the European Global School Academic Support Faculty Project (ASFP)

Who can apply?

Are you a confirmed teacher (Masters or Doctorate holder) with academic track record willing to engage in distance education and participate actively in the development of European Global School while looking for new professional opportunities? Then the ASFP is for you.

What is it?

Commit your time and talent to European Global School for four months to one year, excel in the development of and dedication to the European Global School, Paris community and curriculum, and participate in the advancement of the quality of education to be nominated for the AUXILIARY FACULTY title and rank.

Duration Title Rank
4 Months Mentor Certificate of Appreciation
8 Months Adjunct Lecturer Certificate of Appreciation & Souvenir
12 Months Adjunct Professor Honorary Doctorate / Certificate of Appreciation & Souvenir
How to apply?

Applicants should send their curriculum vitae and motivation letter to [email protected] stating the reasons of their application and detailing their motivation.

After completion of active participation in the European Global School activities (course creation, online teaching, literature creation and publication, community development, colleague referral…), the title of Honorary Professor will be bestowed upon the nominees to honor their actions. The latter will be measured and quantified thanks to the Course Feedback Form filled out by students OR thanks to the Staff Evaluation Form. Eligible professors need to score a minimum of 75% positive answers in each Course Feedback Form or in the Staff Evaluation Form.

The names of new Honorary Professors will be announced in all European Global School official communication supports.
The title and rank are honorary ones carrying no salary implications. br From then on, title and rank will be reviewable and renewable at the end of each year.

At the same time, after the first year and once the nominees are granted the honorary title and rank, they may also ask to participate, if such is their wish, in the activities of the University by signing the corresponding contract or agreement and falling under the applicable terms and conditions.