Worldwide Accreditations

Recognition from the French Ministry of Education

EGS is recognized as a private establishment of higher education in France with an official status from the French Ministry of Education to issue Bachelors ,Masters and Ph.D degrees

US State Authority

EGU is registered in the state as a U.S. foreign university

Dominican republic Authority to Confer Diplomas

EGU Is authorized by the Dominican Department of Education to confer academic and honorary degrees

ASIC accreditation

ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Colleges)

ASIC accreditation gives reassurance to potential international (overseas) students, their parents and education representatives that the operation of their chosen college conforms with relevant United Kingdom laws and offers genuine courses, which are delivered to appropriate standards with acceptable quality, and which lead to recognized qualifications. Accreditation also provides reassurance to the Border and Immigration Agency that the college meets their requirements and does not harm the perceived quality of the United Kingdom education provision.

EGS - EGU application for extra Accreditation

We are always striving for the best so we are currently in process of several accreditations we will update the website once our status as accredited in these organizations are confirmed.


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