Here with us at EGU - EGS, We treat you as partners, not clients.

Our Department
Professional training department is an organizational development consulting section that helps companies define, develop and sustain a culture that promotes the achievement of growth and business success.

What Makes Us Unique?

Innovative solutions and our team international consultants and experts allow us to build a reputation of trust, honesty and caring with our clients.

Our philosophy

We believe that everything is possible and any idea is doable. Dead-end roads and unsolvable problems do not exist. We see through our clients and cooperate with them to achieve the success they want. We believe that every case is a personal success story to us but professional achievement is the success of our clients.

Our strength

  • Our team
  • Our rigorous improvement approach
  • Our ability to positively impact behaviors
  • Our measurable, reconcilable results
  • Our new creative ideas and solutions
  • Our focus on execution

    Our Areas of Specialization

  • Management and administration training
  • Security
  • Legal
  • Technical skills
  • Business Management soft skills
  • Hospitality
  • Education and development

Training & workshops

We conduct specialized trainings in association with our partner academies and institutes worldwide.


  • Align company‚Äôs strategy, structure, processes and people.
  • Make the transition from entrepreneurship to professional management.
  • Franchising solutions
  • Resolve internal conflicts and politics that escalate to the extent that they inhibit the success of the business
  • Rapidly implement fundamental systemic as well as process improvements in a co-operative manner
  • Help explore new markets
  • Marketing solutions
  • Visibility Study/Market Research
  • Regain entrepreneurial vitality and flexibility
  • Promote innovation

Conferences & exhibitions

We organize our own conferences and exhibitions. As a matter of fact, we have a number of worldwide esteemed speakers and specialized organizers in our team working on new conference concepts that offer clients unique expertise regarding their specific industry challenges.

Strategic Meetings Management

Through a methodical process, we assist you while defining a strategic framework to help you decide which programs to run that is useful for you in the present and will help you in the future. The goal is to make sure that your organization's meetings and events programs are designed to meet your business objectives.

Meetings Portfolio Consolidation

We are glad to assist your organization in centralizing the control of meetings and events programs to allow you to manage your event costs and to keep your brand aligned while optimizing your resources.


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