Doctorate and Ph.D degree programs:

  • Ph.D In Education
    1. with concentration in Special Education
    2. with concentration in Higher Education
  • Doctorate in International Management (DBA)
  • Ph.D in International Management
  • Doctorate International Business Law
  • Doctorate International Relations

In pursuing their degrees, students must pass complete two phases such as the following:

Seminars Phase:

We offer several courses in form of seminars. Each course lasts 3-4 days and validates 3 credit hours. Seminars are conducted in several locations worldwide. Usually, two seminars are conducted after another to allow students to validate 6 credits every time they visit EGS. After each seminar, students are asked to write a research paper to complete their credits.

The study plan is unique since it places emphasis on bridging the students' educational activities to their personal, long-term career goals. The program also encourages them to pursue independent research, publishing, consulting, travel and teaching.

Dissertation phase:

The dissertation represents a focused, personal research effort wherein the students take the lead on their own, unique project. Dissertation is a big and important part of the student program. The adviser is assigned to them, according to the subject of interest.

Ph.D. students must show initiative to successfully complete the dissertation.

Pre-Dissertation seminars are conducted prior to assigning supervisors. Students are encouraged to keep in contact with supervisors through email, phone or personal meetings.

Candidates are required to attend a final oral presentation to defend their dissertation. The jury will consist of external examiners, who are both experts in their chosen field as well as senior academics.



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