Bachelors of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy

Study International Relations and Diplomacy

We offer this four-year study course in the university in Geneva that aims to help every student in learning new languages, cultures and politics. Our program offers a comprehensive education with two sets of specialized courses that cover international relations and international business. This allows students to prepare themselves not only for work in the international relations (IR) arena of public, multilateral or international affairs. They are trained to acquire the necessary skills to manage an office, prepare budgets, make decisions based on financial indicators, and oversee projects from start to finish.

At the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  • Understand UN responses to mass violence in Darfur, Libya, Syria and the DRC
  • Critically analyze the rise of China in relation to the potential decline of the United States
  • Develop a regional expertise in the EU, the Middle East, and South-East Asia
  • Understand contemporary trends in terrorism at the local, national and international level
  • Investigate competing theoretical views including Feminism, Liberalism, Realism and Marxism

Some of the topics covered

  1. Contemporary Themes in History
  2. International Relations theories
  3. Globalization and Global Governance
  4. Communication in Politics and Society
  5. Social Psychology
  6. Contemporary Issues in International Relations
  7. Foreign Policy and Decision Making
  8. International Trade & Policy
  9. Corporate Governance
  10. The Art of Diplomacy
  11. National and International Security Studies
  12. Emerging Markets and Regional Cooperation
  13. Peace and Conflict Studies
  14. International Organization s and NGOs
  15. Geopolitics and Analysis
  16. Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  17. International Public Law
  18. Issues and Crisis Management
  19. Gender & IR
  20. South African Politics.
  21. Development and Human Rights in South East Asia.
  22. Cuba, China, Vietnam: Communism in a Post Communism World.
  23. Law, War Crimes and Transnational Politics.
  24. Religion and Politics



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