Art and Design Programs at European Global University

European Global University offers three Arts and Design majors for creative students who have a deep-rooted desire to study arts and design. To help them explore that desire, our program has the faculty and partnerships to assist in giving them the skills and assurance to pursue art as a career.

To achieve our goal, we have created a broad and exciting curriculum bearing the highest standards. We take seriously our responsibility for helping you identify your goals and for creating a supportive environment. We strive to nurture, nourish, and encourage your personal expression and vision, not just teach you a certain way of working.

Courses Offered under Arts and Design Program:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture
  • Bachelors of Art in Fashion Design

Bachelor of Interior Architecture

The Bachelor of Interior Architecture offers a program of education in the discipline of interior architecture. It is intended for students who wish to be employed as an interior architect/interior designer.

The main area of study is interior Architecture Design Studio. It is offered at every year/semester level and has subjects of Theory, technology, and Communication. A professional practice unit and an industry experience introduce students to Interior Architecture Business Management and practices. The electives provide an opportunity to expand their experiences through interdisciplinary studies.

Bachelors of Graphic Design and Illustration

Graphic Design and illustrations is the art of giving meaningful form to information. In an era when information comes from every imaginable source, the graphic designer's role in modern communication can’t b underestimated. Graphic design influences everything from hand-painted signs to corporate images. They have abundant career options, both in the arts and in business.

The Graphic Design and illustrations program is traditionally based from a modern orientation, supported by a stellar faculty. Graphic Design and Illustrations students get the chance to learn photography from the darkroom to critical evaluation of the print; study typography as an element of design; and learn to relate three-dimensional graphics to architectural and package design

Students can experiment with print production and other graphic imagery, as well as explore the latest technology in the School's computer-aided design workshop. Seniors may choose a directed study project in order to pursue their own design ideas. Design students have the opportunity to pursue individual interests as well, whether it is Film Making, Arts, Animation, and Photography.



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