Faculty of Science

Help shape the future. Study with the Faculty of Sciences and learn from scientists working at the cutting edge of their fields.

Students at our faculty learn first-hand about the most recent research developments and experience the expertise, enthusiasm and passion with which lecturers practice their discipline. Challenged to explore major scientific issues, they encourage lecturers to continually improve their teaching.

Students have many different reasons for coming to the Faculty of Science. These include an intrinsic interest in fundamental scientific issues, the desire to work on smart applications of scientific knowledge or the drive to contribute to today's major societal issues such as food, health, sustainability and the environment.

We provide Bachelor degree in the following Majors

  • Computer science
  • Biomedical instruments
  • Alternative energy mechanics
  • Information systems and communications
  • Environmental science
  • Social Science
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Industrial Technology
  • Telecommunications and Networking



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