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A Global Reach. A Transformational Impact.
European Global University and European Global school Paris is an American university multi-campus international school of Business ,Arts and Science.

While maintaining the highest academic standards, EGU focus on giving individual attention to every student, and providing them with a multi-cultural experience in and out of the classroom.

We pride ourselves on our small class size, where students receive individual attention in their academic endeavors. There is a high-level of interactivity between professors and students, and we encourage creative thinking. We encourage students to go beyond the theories and data taught in the lecture hall by using the skills learnt in real world situations. This allows them to develop strong analytical and cognitive skills which provide them with a foundation for their development as successful professional. Read More »

Why do a PhD?

A PhD. is an in depth research programme. It is normally undertaken upon completion of a degree course. The work produced for the PhD. Must fundamentally be original, in other words written by only you, containing.s..

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Master in Business

In the highly competitive and fast changing global economy, the ability to manage international business and cultural diversity is important for career advancement. Our strong global perspective, diversity...

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Our Programs

Prepare hands-on professionals to work in intercultural and international environments; Provide professional skills for self-reliant and sustainable change; Address contemporary social, economic...

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